Through his years as a puppy, he faced many battles trying to prove himself. With each battle- came growth and scars that made him stronger and different from the world. Yet, he still maintained his moral code and positive view. He successfully accomplished his first goal of burning Shiba Inu in the hopes of getting his father's attention, but to his disappointment- his father has yet to respond. Undeterred, his desire to reach his father grew even stronger, as the little one's community resiliently stood beside him. Now, his army's loyalty has never been higher. The difference...He is no longer that small puppy anymore - he is now--- the Son Of Shib.


1. Download a wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet
2. Add BNB smart chain
3. Proceed to Dapps
4. Paste the pancakeswap link
5. Enter how much you wish to buy
6. Complete purchase

Watch Tutorial Video Below

$SON is built by a strong team of crypto experts that aim to build a sustainable, long term token bringing innovative ideas into the crypto space.

In addition, we focus on building a strong community of investors that are in it for the long run.

Join the $SON now and become part of this revolution.

The Son Of Shib Coin is Packed With Community Driven Features

Buy & Sell 8%

Burn 2%
Reflection 2%
Marketing (BNB) 4%
Re-Distribution 2% of each
transaction is
given back to
2% burn
Total Supply 1 Quadrillion
CONTRACT ADDRESS:0x413eca30181f7ed78de38da95f44fc53f664157a